Al Dente

I’ve updated the theme on this website for the first time in about nine years. Also purchased the domain (last year)! How fun!

Other than that, I guess as far as “achievements,” I’m not sure what I have to report. Completion in the sense that I was defining it on the outset of the project is hard for me to point to at the moment, though I’m sure it’s worthwhile to try. There’s a lot “in progress” and a lot that just doesn’t… end? Even on the recreation side of things. How do you complete Animal Crossing? Pokémon GO? Reading a book??? Anyway, a lot of my life feels like that right now—just… ongoing. Nothing final.

Of course, feelings aren’t everything. I’ve broken the record for the longest I’ve lived at the same address as an adult. I’ve acquired a record player and was finally able to listen to the Beatles record I bought in 201X. I convinced my roommates and partner to do an Animal Crossing-themed group costume for Halloween 2020. I convinced my partner to do a Pokémon Sword/Shield-themed costume for Halloween 2021 (he didn’t fight me much). I learned to make chili and the function of cumin in chili (still trying to understand the function of bay leaves, though I throw them in anyway). I spent more meaningful time in Vermont than just stopping the car and standing on the ground of it before driving on to somewhere else. I tried (and hated) Instacart. I got contacts. I got color contacts (for the 2021 Halloween costume). (Those last two might be less “accomplishments” and more “the marriage of vanity and worsening eyesight.” Am I getting older? Staring at screens all day? Yes?)

Either way, we’re going into the tenth year that this site has existed, and I would like to pay it a little more attention, or at least more consistent attention, hence the makeover and (forthcoming, hopefully) repairs/updates to various pages. I know you’ve all been watching this space with bated breath, so take heart. But maybe breathe. I am who I am.

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